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Opened: 11-10-13

Sistar confession

I dont like the new theme. Its hard to see what your doin. And I cant even ask a question on my laptop, just because I dont know where the question box is. And the colour grey is like dead. Sistar is more happy and sweet, we need another colour. Im sry for my bad english.
— Anonymous

I’m happy to know your opinion!
First i’d like to know what you mean with “Its hard to see what your doin.” because i’m not doing anything special expect for the confessions which stick out pretty well i think.

The ask box is written as “messages” which is with all the other links.

When it comes to the color i’m not going to change it much, and that’s because i’ve chosen these colors to make the pictures and gifs stand out more, but only for you i’ve put a redish color. The theme in general i won’t change because i used two days coding it, but next time i change the theme i’ll remember all your thoughts about it, deal?

And last i want to say that you shouldn’t say sorry for your english. Unless your spreading hate, people who comment your english is just stupid, okay? Me myself have went up three grades in english at school after i joined tumblr, so as soon as you make friends here i promise your english will just get better and better~

Hope you have a nice day~

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reminding everyone

Tomorrow we are opening our instagram account so if anyone have any confessions on their mind please send them in, thank you ♡

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sobs, i don’t like when i’m suppose to reblog something on my personal and then it end up here

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The last month we’ve gained 32 new followers and it’s a joy to see the attention to our blog growing. I hope everyone will have a nice day and welcome to our new followers! 

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The new font is beautiful!!! This blog just became even more perfect!!!
— Anonymous

I’m so happy you like it now!

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Sistar confession to instagram?

Have you noticed the size of our confessions is different? instead of 500x400 it’s now 500x500 why? We are joining Instagram! There’s a wish of reaching more fans, 11.09-14, exactly a month before this blog turns 1year we are posting our confessions at instagram as well

Search up sistarconfession on instagram and join us!

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